Moving Day

MOVING DAY – ​I came across this trunk walking home one day. My neighbor had placed it on the curb to be picked up as garbage the next day. The light is absolutely unaltered – it is portrayed as it was that day. You can see why it caught my attention. From there it became this painting. The title moving day is a double entendre. The trunk plays in integral part in storing and transporting ones practical and treasured belongings to a new location so it’s open. More to be stowed away? The other way I see this is the trunk is us. We can be open – or closed to change. In this case we’re open. The presence of the apples is a metaphor for whatever it is that changes us. For me it can be a spiritual experience. The urging and nurturing of the Spirit of God. Hence three apples – the trinity. For you it might be something different. Life is filled with moments of alterations. Often good. Sometimes difficult. Mostly it comes with the opportunity to learn, grow, and become more, rather than less. Always a very moving experience. If you’re interested in purchasing this painting please email me at

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