A comp of the sleeve and CD package
The spine of final package
The CD label and the insert for the back side of the case
The final package with trim lines

Case No. 070502 When Evening Falls

When Evening Falls, a collaboration and original arrangements of two musicians from different countries, Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield. Add the beautiful accents of John Catching’s perfect cello arrangements and you have an award-winning CD. My task was to create a package design that indicated the marriage of Tom's classical guitar and Iris's piano — thus the piano sleeve — and still work in the overall idea of the title — hence the moon.

This is the second project I worked on with Tom. The first was a CD titled "Late Night Guitar," a collection of instrumental lullabies. When Evening Falls was the working title for this project and it generated a number of ideas but, one day during our shared commute to the city, the idea for the sleeve came to mind and it was one of those ideas that was instantly — a perfect fit. I know, sorry...

Although the sleeve ultimately became a flap, the idea held true and the label, insert and package came together fairly quickly.

As if the music itself wasn’t enough, the CD’s artfully-designed package is a veritable work of art as well. Hell, even the font choices are spot on (you’d be surprised how rare that is). From every perspective, When Evening Falls is a splendid recording and a must have for lovers of gentle “nighttime” acoustic instrumental music. — New Age Reporter